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Ride the Rock - Action Photography.

It's where talented photographers capture top-notch photos of folks biking, cycling, running and driving through one of the most scenic areas in all of the midwest - Starved Rock Country. If you spotted our banners and photographers out and about while you were in the area, there's  an excellent possibility that we have an amazing shot of you - right here!

Browse thru the galleries below, choose the date/weekend of your visit and enjoy!

Need help finding your photos in our galleries?

I know, I know - we take a lot of photos!

BUT - they are all in a gallery named for the date they were taken. PLUS -  they are all uploaded and time-stamped in the order in which they were shot.

So, if you know approximately the time you were photographed, hit "View Details" in the bottom left corner of a photo. Here you will see the date and time taken (plus a lot of other crap that's not really important!) Now, you can jump ahead or go backwards accordingly. We shoot from 10-4 every weekend, weather permitting! So if you were photographed in the middle of those hours, I'd start in the middle of the gallery ~ and go from there!

Please allow 24-48 hours after our shoots before your high definition downloads are available for viewing and purchase.  If you have any problems downloading your photo, send us a message via Facebook. We love to help and will respond and pitch-in quickly!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook for featured shots, updates, news, events and important announcements.

Interested in employment opportunities as a photographer? Send us message on Facebook - or call Jeff at 815-252-5799. We'd love to see your work!

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